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Retro Fizz

Our taste is new to the world. Retrofizz premium makes drinks acquaint consumers with real mixed drink flavours with the convenience of any other drink you want. Our premium mixed drinks leverage special technology to replicate the mixed drink experience.
Whether you are taking a break from drinking for dry January or are the designated driver for the night, you don’t need to stick to water or whatever is in the soda gun. Sip on something delicious instead, with the best non-alcoholic drinks to order at the bar.
Retrofizz drinks are always the perfect choice.
A good non-alcoholic drink to order in a bar is an alcohol-free version of classic cocktails your bartender will already know how to make them they will just leave out the alcohol in your versions or make an appropriate substitute with our deliciously awesomeness retro fizz trendy drinks.

  • Lemon Feast
  • Minty Mint
  • Fiery Mango
  • Guava Punch
  • Thanda Jeera
  • Mystry Grape

Our Specials

Beat the Heat with Refreshing Drinks

The sweetness of this mocktail is perfectly balanced, not overly sugary, and complements the tangy and refreshing flavors of the tropical fruits.

For an extra tropical twist, you can blend the mocktail with ice to make a frozen version, perfect for hot summer days.

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