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About us

welcome to Retro Fizz

Why Are We Different

Retrofizz drinks are curated by expert mixologists are all set to make your evenings memorable.
It's a stunning combination of zest and flavours.
Nowadays patrons are looking for fun innovative combinations that don't compromise taste.

We have the choice you've been looking for...
Quench your thirst with more refreshing fizzy drinks which are awesomely delicious and moment creators.
For the ultimate refreshment.

Drinks with all the tastiness of a well-formed craft cocktail, but without the alcohol.
Choosing to be alcohol-free is becoming more and more popular and the range of non-alcoholic drink options is growing steadily.
People want options beyond the usual cocktails
If you are lucky enough to be in a bar with non-alcoholic wine you can have a Cocktail that taste just like the real thing. Isn't it amazing?
Yeah, it is truly possible to have the same taste as that... With Retrofizz!!

Our Flavours

Retro Fizz

Ready to serve and ready to pair.
Our drink is alcohol-free and low in sugar and calories. made with all-natural ingredients, vegan friendly.
It Can be used as:

  • Beverages
  • Cooler
  • Mocktail
  • Alcohol Mixer

Mixology inspired-
The healthy alternative is now everyone can join in on the fun.

From Fruity and fresh to tart and Tangy, here you'll find an array of tasty Fizzy tipples perfect for every occasion. If you're in the mood for dining Al Fresco why not rustle up Mystery Grape or Minty Mint for one to start the evening? And when the weekends play host to a livelier gathering, simply prepare a pitcher of sprinkling Lemon Feast to share, or to take refuge from the heat of the day with a very Fiery Mango or a Thanda Jeera you need a Cocktail to impress or mocktail to refresh this vibrant collection of effervescent drinks is sure to inspire.

Retro fizz Guava -

If you are looking for a perfectly light and refreshing cocktail drink that presents a naturally refreshing authentic freshly picked Guava flavor. With mixologist experience, this drink makes it versatile enough to be used in both rocks and frozen mixes.

Retro Fizz Mystery of grape -

This non-alcoholic Cocktail is made of 100% pure wine grape juice. A light and refreshing cocktail with zesty notes and a little sweetness. Just perfect for your mocktail experience. This drink is slightly sweet, with a touch of fizz, offering a celebration in every glass.

Retro fizz Fiery mango -

It is a refreshing twist on the Classic mojito drink made with Indian Alphonso mango. Crafted and infused with natural flavours. Retro fizz provides a convenient and consistent solution for serving a delicious mojito drink.

Retro Fizz Minty mint -

It's a fusion of fresh mint flavour with lime and sugar. The perfect blend of a healthy Mojito cocktail fresh mint leaves Crust and blended with lemon peel oil will give you that means awesome zest and a refreshing taste.

Retro Fizz Jeera Lemon -

Really Fizzy jeera drink for any day anytime. It's a unique cumin flavouring that delivers a distinguishable taste. Best enjoyed when thirsty.
It's a delightful combination of soft refreshing fizzy drinks.

Retro Fizz Lemon and ginger -

Ginger lime gets its distinct flavour from cold-pressed lime peel oils and pure Ginger extracts. this carefully hand-crafted blend is sure to wake up your senses. We gave it a nostalgic taste profile to text you to your comfort space and keep you going for more every time you take a sip. It's completely customizable as per your liking.

Enjoy your occasions all year round with our fantabulous drinks which surely turn moments into memories with amazing flavours of Retrofizz.

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